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Eerie Photoshopping

The New Republic's front page is quite eerie. This image looks like an effete man - which Obama definitely isn't; and neither is Hilary a benign woman.


Pillow Talk

In all our silliness and spontaneity, we went to a pillow fight organized by the "Banditos Misteriosos" mobsters yesterday armed with a (soft) pillow and a D-SLR. It was a whole lot of fun to attend something so ridiculous and hilarious. There was a huge turnout, and everyone had a blast.

It comforts me to know that because it was an "International Pillow flight day", and because silliness has no boundaries, "at the very same moment" (in history?!), people in Beijing, Budapest, Copenhagen, Sydney pummeling each other as well.


Maximum City and other stories...

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We're back from India, where we had a family reunion of sorts, and then went to Rajasthan for a whirlwind trip. As my sister mentioned, these are not just photographs; these are memories that I will cherish for a life-time.


My babies

Over the last spring and fall semesters, I have been taking wheel pottery classes at Clayworks; a non-profit ceramic art school and studio. My proud achievements include making symmetrical cylinders (whew, finally!), and some sugar bowls. These are some of my creations.


Om Shanti Om

If you're up for some good "time-pass", have been a Hindi film buff since you were a kid, this one's for you. "Karz" was one of my favorite movies growing up. The ruthless Simi, the cutesy Rishi Kapoor and the hapless Raj Kiran - all made for a good masala flick.

The songs are good, and the song "Daastan-E-Om Shanti Om" sounds and feels like the "Phantom of the Opera's" title song. Though, I have to admit that this one is a "good, inspired copy". Shahrukh looks too malnourished to have a good body (or maybe that's the new look).

After the success of Don II, does this movie signal a new era of remakes?


There is a very interesting article about a social networking website called babajob ,
defined as "village linkedin". What's inspiring is that out of so many social "notworking" sites that have been created, this one stands out for its creativity as well as the potential to make a real difference.

There was another video recently about India's migrant workers and their rush to Mumbai, the city paved with gold and lined with plum jobs. This boy who was interviewed had run away from home, and all he had was the pair of clothes that he was wearing, an address of a friend and a SIM card.

It amazes me how technology is altering the level of access that the working class has these days; no doubt, it's a long road ahead, but at least this is a good start.


Happy Diwali!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Diwali and a great year ahead!
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